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Case Study - Debenhams


Debenhams had initially been quick out of the blocks implementing a Single Customer View database, and had also integrated it with a market-leading ESP.  But since then, their customers' behaviour, the industry, and the marketplace had moved on.  As had the business' expectations of what their marketing database should be able to achieve, and what it should be able to tell them.  So what was once best practice was no longer fit for the business' purposes.  Oh, and with various components now out of support and licences reaching expiry, it was also a burning platform.

They therefore needed a plan to migrate from their current marketing tech stack onto a new one with some added functionality, without of course impacting current operations.  With various enterprise projects underway such as the migration of their infrastructure and the replacement of various operational platforms, as well as the creation of new customer propositions, this project was a bit like coming up with a plan to change a tyre whilst driving down the motorway.

Following a Discovery phase that spanned 13 business areas, and over 60 stakeholders, we clarified the requirements, assessed both the people and technology capability, and then delivered a pragmatic and phased blueprint.  The blueprint included not only the technology migration, but also how and by who that technology should be activated.  Because as a wise woman* once said, successful technology projects aren't just about the successful delivery of the technology.


Case StudyRachel Mendoza