Providing GDPR and Data Consultancy, with a focus on a practical approach to pragmatic delivery.  Whether providing support on a GDPR compliance programme, or helping shape a data or technical strategy, The Data Works understands how to achieve change within commercial constraints.

Data Consultancy

Historically, data was a by-product of an organisation's activities.  Today it's understood to be a corporate asset.  Those organisations that can harness their data effectively and efficiently give themselves a competitive advantage.  Whether that's data to power seamless commercial operations and logistics; data to facilitate informed, fast insight-driven decision-making; or data to deliver a seamless customer experience.  Therefore defining a data strategy to identify and achieve those ambitions is vital.

However a strategy is only useful when it's put into practice.  With ever-changing and complicated technology and regulatory landscapes, and with fewer resources and lower budgets, it's often difficult for companies to determine how to approach putting the strategies that have been developed into practice.

That's where The Data Works comes in.  With a focus on developing a practical approach to pragmatic delivery, working with in-house teams or other external agencies, the aim is to make a reality of the strategic vision and ambition.  


With enforcement from 25th May 2018, many companies are struggling to structure their GDPR approach to determine and deliver an appropriate level of compliance by the deadline.  This can sometimes be made even more challenging when the aims of the GDPR programme is seen to be at odds with, or clipping the wings of, areas of the business that want to forge ahead with innovative uses of data and technology.  The situation can be compounded still further by a lack of understanding in some quarters as to the level of resource, investment and change required to  deliver compliance for the deadline and beyond.

Having worked with a number of brands on their GDPR programmes, The Data Works appreciates all of these challenges.  More importantly, we have the experience and frameworks required to overcome them.


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