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GDPR Support services (GDPR Readiness Assessment, GDPR Training, GDPR Roadmap Definition, GDPR Implementation Support; GDPR Vendor and Supplier Assessment) and Data Consultancy Services (Data Strategy Development, Data Governance, Data Technology)


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A good data strategy goes beyond just data storage.  It provides a common set of practices across the organisation to ensure data is used both effectively and efficiently. By defining and establishing these practices, a data strategy ensures data can be managed, manipulated and shared across the enterprise in a repeatable manner.

No more defining data management practices project by project, developing a Data Strategy will ensure a common approach every time across in each of the following areas: Categorisation; Storage; Provisioning, Processing and Governance


With increasing demands of the data comes increasing demands of the technology.  Infrastructure, storage and applications are all being put under more pressure to deliver data faster and more frequently.  Often, components need to be switched out of the architecture as licences expire, versions are derogated or customer needs dictate. 

This can mean several overlapping migration projects are required simultaneously, all without compromising operations.  The Data Work can design a sensible and efficient roadmap, recommending technology where required, to meet the needs of both business and user.


To realise the benefit of any strategy or roadmap, it needs to be implemented.  This usually requires a combination of changes to people and process as well as technology.

We can work with your in-house experts to scope and gather requirements, producing Solution Design Documents.  Similarly, we can work with Business Analysts to design new ways of working, processes and procedures.  We can also perform capability assessments to understand the required skills profile to best activate your chosen strategy.

Successful delivery of technology projects isn’t just about the delivery of the technology


Compliance with data protection legislation is more than just GDPR.  If you're marketing by email, tracking website interactions, or performing digital advertising, then attention also needs to be given to both the current and the upcoming ePrivacy regulations.  And for organisations operating in the UK, the DPA18 brings with it specific requirements.

Through a combination of interviews, and document and technology audits, we can assess your compliance with the relevant legislation.  This will score your ability to meet the requirements of the regulations and your preparedness for dealing with a breach or complaint.  


With data flowing through all parts of most businesses, and given the wide requirements of the regulations, achieving and maintaining compliance impacts a lot of departments.  There are contractual implications for the legal team, new processes for the operational teams, new technology requirements for IT teams, and new protocols for data usage.

We can help tame all of the requirements across people, process and technology, into a clear and actionable action plan


Data protection by design and default isn't a new concept, but it's inclusion in data protection legislation has formalised its importance.  Despite this, there is still a lack of guidance, and understanding about how to translate it into a technical reality is scarce.

Blending our experience of technical design with our knowledge of the law, we can help you ensure that your latest product or innovation has data protection at its heart.  We can translate the legislative requirements into functional and non-functional requirements so that your developers can build something that keeps the data within it protected by design.